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Shirts/Trousers starts at $189
(15% off 3 pieces)
(20% off 5 pieces)

Suits starts at $1,199

Check rates for full price list.

To provide the best tailoring experience for you, appointments are encouraged to ensure a smooth, undisturbed flow. Depending on your specific needs, appointments will take up to 45 minutes.

Walk-ins are subjected to availability.

Note: Please avoid wearing baggy jeans, sweatpants and hoodies to ensure ease of, and accurate measurements.

Shirts / Trousers: Approximately 3 - 4 weeks.

Suits: Approximately 7 - 9 weeks (Inclusive of several fitting sessions).

Note: Additional charges may apply for expedited cases.

Yes. This gives us an idea of your preferred fits and helps us work towards a more accurate piece for you.

You may select materials from our in-house library and European collection. Our in-house materials are source from Japan, Hong Kong and China and the European materials are directly sourced from Italy, France and the UK.

We are able to customise similar designs however the exact materials used from the Benjamin Barker Store products are not available.


78 Duxton Road, Singapore 089537

Tuesday to Saturday: 11–8pm
(65) 8399 0125